These AN/AVS-9 aviator night vision goggles provide improved situational awareness and system performance. In addition to ergonomic and technological enhancements benefit law enforcement and civil operators.

Device features binocular viewing for optimised depth perception. Large 25 mm eyepieces provide excellent viewing while easily accommodating eye glasses.

Key benefits
  • Low-profile battery pack improves head mobility for aviator while in cockpit & offers increase battery life

  • Inter-pupillary adjustments and vertical, fore-aft, and tilt adjustments

  • Improved viewing of the entire system field of view (40 degrees)

  • Ergonomically designed interface controls


Standard Accessories: Class B objective lens coating, soft-carry case, operation manual, lens paper, neck cord, protective lens caps, low-profile battery pack, maintenance logbook and 180-day FAA airworthiness inspection from our FAA Certified 145 Repair Station.

Optional Accessories: Hard shipping and storage case, NVG mount for any helmet, compact clip-on power source, spare battery cartridge, mounting kit hardware.