Our story

How it started?

Recoil OÜ was established in 2018 by two fellow service members Andreas and Rene to provide the Estonian Defence Forces robust components of tactical night vision systems with repair and maintenance to support their needs. Recoil OÜ delivers combined experience in the design, manufacture, maintenance, and real-time use of various night vision devices, supplying the Estonian government with state-of-the-art night vision systems and components and continually striving to grow the expanding need for new solutions that our modern warriors find essential.

With an office in Tallinn Estonia, our Engineering and Quality Team continually evaluates customer requirements and adjusts production capabilities to exceed expectations. Our advanced manufacturing facility is configured with environmentally controlled operations and assembly, manufacturing, testing, and engineering space optimised for both our Government and commercial customers. Recoil OÜ is offering various services such as private label assembly for other companies with accessories and spare parts. Our goal is to find the best solutions that suit our customer needs the best.

We are open to business opportunities around the world

Importance of our work

We value our customers and their work, and have demonstrated experience providing tailored solutions. Whether you are a professional or private user, you will appreciate and enjoy the high quality products, craftsmanship and customer focused outcomes provided by Recoil.